Trueprep Stop-It Filler 1L

Trueprep Stop-It Filler - A single pack, fast drying water-based filler used in interior and exterior applications. Sands freely when dry. Trueprep STOP-IT provides superior paintability and will not flash or gloss low sheen flat paint. It has negligible shrinkage in applications up to 3mm. When filling deeper than 3mm, always build up layers, allowing too dry in between. Can be screwed, nailed, and planned. It is easily overcoated with Acrylic and Oil based primers, demonstrating excellent paint acceptance. Typical Uses: Repair of holes and cracks in Construction timber, Drywall, Masonry, Plaster, Primed Metal and Cement. Performance: Tack free in 15 minutes @ 20°C. Exhibits good working time off the knife. Limitations: Cold and Humid conditions will slow drying. Dry time varies with temperature, humidity, & thickness. Ensure if rain is imminent adequate drying time is allowed in exterior application. DO NOT USE AS A SKIM COAT.