Timbabuild EHB60 400ml

4 hour cure formula for large scale same-day repair & paint

Thixotropic mix with the consistency similar to butter, allows it to be used on vertical and horizontal joints and splices without shuttering. it may be mixed in large quantities and moulded and pointed into place, for large repair areas, and major paint refurbishment contracts.

  • Order code 53018 400ml packed 20pcs
  • 1.63 g/cm3 density (Thixotropic)
  • Large scale repairs vertical or overhead
  • In-Situ repairs, conservation joints
  • Splicing of new wood sections
  • Cured Strength 1500 N/mm2 Tensile

Typical gel time – 45 mins
Typical cure time – 4 hours

*200C base material temp.