TFB Mini Roller Frame 100mm

Two Fussy Blokes Wooden Handled Mini Paint Roller Frame

Another quality product from 2 Fussy Blokes, the team that cares, about the product, the customer and its global impact.

Featuring a stylish wooden handle and threaded end for extensions pole, the Two Fussy Blokes mini-roller frames are ergonomically crafted and made from sustainable materials rather than relying on plastic, that can take centuries to decompose.

With a sophisticated black finish, they’re made from environmentally sourced materials and designed for maximum comfort.

These roller frames are rigorously tested to ensure your mini rollers can spin effortlessly, saving you the stress and making it easier for you to get the job done.

Suit all 100mm mini roller sleeves.

Choose Two Fussy Blokes for a more eco-friendly frame!