TFB Microfibre 230mm x 15mm 3pk

Two Fussy Blokes 230mm Microfibre Roller Sleeve, 15mm Nap - Contractors 3 Pack

When Nothing But The Best Will Do!

Top-of-the-line, high-density microfibre roller, designed to deliver a smooth finish, ultra low splatter and ultra fast paint speed.

Recommended for: Walls, Ceilings, Plaster Board, Wallpaper, Hardboard

The 15mm Nap provides exceptional paint pick up and coverage, especially great for larger surfaces like open plan ceilings as will help keep a wet edge.

Our premium 15mm nap microfibre rollers have been designed to perform like no other rollers on the market.

The 15mm nap is ideal for painting a wide variety of interior and exterior surfaces, providing an exceptional finish on ceilings and walls.

They feature high density microfibre which allows for great paint pick up.

These rollers do not slide or stop while rolling.

Flawless painting, less dripping, no sliding, almost non existent splatter and extremely efficient.

You will finish your painting project faster with a perfect finish every time.