Seal'n'Peel 1Ltr

SEAL ‘N’ PEEL WB5000 is a water based, easy applied, strippable coating for the temporary protection of a range of nonporous surfaces. The dry coating can be readily peeled away from the substrate to which it was applied within hours of application, leaving the surface in its original conditional.

Surfaces that SEAL ‘N’ PEEL WB5000 can successfully protect include, glass, powder coated surfaces, stainless steel, laminates etc.

The unique formulation will provide effective and lasting protection from dust, dirt, paint, glue, mortar, plaster, staining and scratching.

This revolutionary product can also be applied onto new multi-pane timber windows and doors and will adhere aggressively to the timber yet will peel easily away from the glass, saving time and money masking and cutting by hand.

Made in Australia, SEAL ‘N’ PEEL WB5000 is based on water borne resins which are environmentally friendly and have the added advantage of easy equipment clean up. Application is simple using conventional or airless spray equipment (a brush or roller can be used for smaller areas).

Removal of SEAL ‘N’ PEEL WB5000 is easy. After scoring around the edges of the protected area with a blade, simply peel from and edge and the entire coating will come away as a sheet. Dispose of removed product thoughtfully. SEAL ‘N’ PEEL WB5000 is biodegradeable.