Hi Opacity Pigmented Sealer10L

Cotec High Opacity Pigmented Sealer Paint

DESCRIPTION: An alkyd interior lining sealer with excellent hiding power.

TYPICAL USES: New and burnt Gib board prior to application of topcoat. Use over old plaster and previously painted surfaces, water or oil based. Good sealer for smoke damaged or tannin stained areas.

PERFORMANCE: Highly pigmented to give excellent coverage and hiding. Has excellent sealing properties for subsequent coats.

LIMITATIONS: Not suitable for highly alkaline surfaces, such as concrete etc. Do not use in damp or very humid conditions.


Resin: Medium oil alkyd

Solvent: Mineral Turps

Finish: Flat

Colour: White

Touch Dry (minimum): 60 minutes @ 20ºC

Recoat Time (minimum): 24 hours

Number of Coats: 1 usually required

Thinning and Clean Up: Mineral Turps

Pail Size: 1, 4, 10 Litre

SPREAD RATE: Theoretical Coverage: 10-14 m²/litre/coat. Coverage depends on surface profile and porosity.

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