Gib Roc Tape 50mm 75 mtr

GIB RocTape® is a matt fibreglass joint tape and achieves superior mechanical strength for flat joint applications. GIB® jointing compounds can permeate through the GIB RocTape® matt, creating a very strong joint. This means less risk of cosmetic defects, potentially resulting in fewer call backs, saving time and money.

Joints reinforced with GIB RocTape® dry faster and do not swell or shrink due to water absorption.

GIB RocTape® is coloured yellow for easy identification, and adhesion failure is reduced because compound easily penetrates the fibreglass matt eliminating inadequate compound application under the tape.

GIB RocTape® is bedded in similar to GIB® Paper joint tape and can be installed using hand tools or mechanical tools. Both GIB RocTape® and GIB® Paper joint tape are suitable for use in all GIB® Systems. GIB RocTape® is designed for flat plasterboard joints. For corner joints use GIB® Levelline®, GIB® Goldline™, GIB® UltraFlex®, or GIB® Paper joint tape.