Flood Floetrol 4Ltr

Wet Edge extender for acrylics.

What does it do?
When added to paint, Floetrol gives a longer wet edge, increased coverage, extended spray gun life, easier flow and improved hiding. Floetrol maintains paint quality and does not evaporate.

How does it work?
The drying time of water-based paint or stain depends on the weather. In hot, windy or humid conditions paint dries too fast resulting in brush and lap marks. Water evaporates and increases chalking. Floetrol will reinforce the paint and make acrylics behave like oil based paint.

Where will it work?
Floetrol can be used in all acrylics, water-based paints and stains, water-based textured coatings and pebble finishes.

Use Floetrol when brushing
Floetrol improves every acrylic brush job because it:
• avoids paint build-up on brush
• avoids lap and brush marks
• stops paint pulling and dragging
• stops bristle separation
• retards chalking
• loads brush with 20% more paint

Use Floetrol when rolling
Floetrol will give a better job every time because it:
• reduces roller pressure on the surface to avoid paint build-up on edges of roller
• eliminates roller spatter
• does not leave roller marks
• provides a spray-like finish and loads more paint on roller

Use Floetrol when spraying
Floetrol is recommended by the world's leading spray equipment manufactureres because it:
• stops tip clogging and piston freeze-up on cup guns
• extends life of equipment
• improves spray pattern
• uses lower pressure
• assures better coverage
• makes clean-up easier