F2 Multipurpose Spray 575ml

ADOS Multi Purpose Spray Adhesive bonds most materials quickly and easily, giving a long lasting bond. It is formulated to give a fast tack off, low soak spray and dries clear.

ADOS Multi Purpose Spray Adhesive is a pressure sensitive one-way adhesive that remains repositionable for 1-2 minutes eliminating costly errors with expensive materials. Once positioned, the adhesive will bond within 10-20 minutes. Full cure will take 24 hours.

Features & Benefits
Reliable – High strength
Convenient – Rapid cure, fast tack
User friendly – Non staining / low mist, Aerosol = no clean up
Easy to Use – Repositionable, Clear drying
Cost effective – Low soak
Low odour - Safe for indoor use
Bonding wood, paper, metal, most plastics, fibreglass, leather, carpet, PVC foam, cardboard, cloth, fabrics, foils, cork, some rubbers, felt, labeling, sail cloths, photographs