E-B Emulsabond 4Ltr

Makes paint acrylic stick to chalky, dusty surface What does it do? E-B Emulsa-Bond eliminates washing or bagging down, doing away with costly sealers that take days to dry. It provides a tough bonding primer for chalky, dusty surfaces and a firmly adhering first coat of paint in one application. E-B Emulsa-Bond dries quickly, is rain and bug resistant in one hour and can normally be re coated within 4 hours. It improves hiding because the bonding coat uses the same paint with the same colour as the finishing coat. E-B Emulsa-Bond maximizes adhesion between bonding and finishing coat and provides easy workability when brushing, rolling or spraying virtually eliminating misses and holidays. It often provides good hiding with one coat when used with quality brand name paint. It is very economical, saving at least one coat of paint. E-B Emulsa-bond sprays like free-flowing paint, reducing overspray and wear on tips and pump parts. It is easy to clean up with soap and water. Only one set of tools and material are needed on the job. E-B Emulsa-bond makes paint stick to: • Chalky, dusty, porous surfaces • Masonry • Concrete • Old wood • Weathered cement sheets • Aluminium cladding • Kalsomine Before you repaint with water based paint, be sure the old surface passes the 'chalky-hand' test. If your hand looks like this, you need E-B Emulsa-Bond. E-B Emulsa-Bond has been used successfully in combination with practically all brands of commercially available acrylic paints since 1958 by professional and do-it-yourself painters in all types of climates.