ADOS Builders Fill 500ml

ADOS Builders’ Fill is a permanent repair or filler that can be used on a variety of surfaces. It is ideal to repair gaps, cracks, holes, dents or replacing rotten or missing wood sections. ADOS Builders’ Fill is smooth and easily applied, with exceptional adhesion. It can be moulded to shape and trimmed while still semi hard. The unique ceramic additive makes ADOS Builders’ Fill a superior filler. It cures by a chemical reaction so it will not shrink like common air drying fillers, will not rot and is waterproof.

Once set it can be cut, sawn, drilled, chiselled, nailed, filed, sanded painted and screwed into.

Features & Benefits
Permanent repair or filler
Versatile – Can be used on a variety of surfaces, including as a wood filler
Repairs gaps, cracks, holes and dents
Smooth and easily applied
Exceptional adhesion and stops sagging
Has superior trimming and shaping qualities
No shrinkage
Can be painted immediately to leave an invisible repair
Will not rot
Added coloured oxide enhances staining
Sets very rapidly when used in hot weather or in direct sunlight
Faster curing than conventional solvent or water-based fillers
Cures hard making it suitable for high traffic areas
For use in building and painting industries
For perfect repairs to wood, ceramic, fibres, plasterboard, brick, masonry, metals, fibre board, roofing, steel and most other building materials.
To repair gaps, cracks, holes, dents
To replace rotten or missing wood sections as a wood filler