20L Clear Meths

Meths - Purple Methylated Spirits - Widely used Industrial Grade Denatured Alcohol used in all applications requiring a coloured industrial grade alcohol which can tolerate a small amount of water. Methylated Spirits is a clear purple, primary, aliphatic alcohol, with a mild non-residual odour and is miscible with most hydrocarbon solvents and chemicals. A concentration of >60% Ethanol is antibacterial.


Cleans surfaces & floors, sterilising medical and dental instruments and domestic cleaning.
Glass cleaner - Dilute 1 part Meths with 5 parts water.
Cleaning wooden floors - Dilute 1/2 cup of Meths with 8 litres of warm water.
Removes vivid/ink from some painted surfaces.
Clean burning BBQ starter fuel and fuel for some camping equipment.
Used in the manufacture of many ethanol cleaning products and cleaning compounds.

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