1Ltr Boiled Linseed Oil


Restores and enhances natural wood.
Penetrating surface sealer that Polishes, Varnishes, Lubricates & Protects.
Slows down water penetration in wood in low-moisture areas.
Used on wooden: Furniture, Doors, Floor Surfaces, Tool handles, Gun stocks.
May be used as an additive in oil-base paints particularly artist’s colours to increase gloss.
Commonly used as a polish to maintain oiled wood and natural finishes. A 40% Boiled Linseed Oil, 60% Mineral Turpentine blend wiped over indoor wooden furniture can enhance & improve its appearance. Repeat as needed every 6 - 8 weeks.
Boiled Linseed Oil is treated with effective drying agents, which ensures quick drying time & reduces the possibility of a sticky finish. Raw Linseed Oil is mainly for outdoor use & Boiled Linseed Oil is mainly used indoors.
Boiled Linseed Oil is not suitable to feed horses as it is solvent extracted and has drying agents added to it. Raw Linseed Oil is cold pressed and is suitable to feed horses.
Provides a light golden stain for wood such as pine.
Boiled Linseed Oil is excellent for finishing and maintaining wooden furniture and wood floors. Mixing Linseed Oil with Pure Turpentine (2/3 Linseed Oil to 1/3 Pure Turpentine) creates an “Oiled Finish” on fine furniture and wood panelling and a durable finish that does not need waxing. Linseed Oil penetrates into the wood and creates a water and alcohol resistant surface without altering the natural colour of the wood when dry.
Traditional wood finish and preservative, processed to dry faster than Raw Linseed Oil. May be used as an additive for oil-base paints particularly artist’s colours to increase gloss.