Starmix NTS1220EHP eSwift Dust Extractor

The Starmix NSG eSwift Dust Extractor has been specially developed for vacuuming paint and plaster dust away directly from the Intex Giraffe Sander and other paint and plaster sanding machines.

These machines are perfectly suited for continual, daily use in the tough, professional conditions on the building site by the trade or in industrial applications.

HEPA filters are available for use in hazardous dust applications, eg: asbestos and lead-based paint removal.

Wet & Dry
Manual Pulse Filter Cleaning
Carrying handle with practical cable and hose coil
30 Month Warranty
1200 Watt motor
20 Litre plastic canister
Bag Free use in non-hazardous applications
Washable polyester Pre-filter
Power tool socket switch
Soft start control
Electronic after-running feature
Water level detection
Accessory Storage Kit
Watt - 1200
Max air flow - 70 l/s
Max Vacuum - 210 mbar
Gross - 20 L
Dust - 15 L
Water - 8 L
Dimensions - L: 39.5 cm x W: 39 cm x H: 47.3 cm
Weight - 7.7kg

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