Poly Pro W50 Weatherboard Gaps

Poly Professional W50 Weatherboard Gaps sealant has been formulated with a superior polymer system to help withstand the movement of timber and synthetic weatherboards. Perfect for sealing areas and filling gaps that require painting as it remains flexible once cured to resist cracking, crumbling and falling out. W50 weatherboard gaps sealant provides excellent adhesion to most building materials, including timber and synthetic weatherboards, masonry,glass fibre cement, ceramics,most metals,timber and plasterboard. Flexibility: Up to +/-25% joint movement and ~+350% stretch. Skin time 60 minutes. Coverage approx 12 linear metres/6mm bead. Sag resistance omm after 10 minutes Clean up water. Paint over time/gloss/semi-gloss/low- sheen 60 minutes. Flat/ceilings 180 minutes.