FL Powerlift 4Ltr

Formulated to get under and lift off old sealers, finishes, and dirt that have built-up on your deck over time

Give your old deck a fresh start
Old finishes, sealers and dirt can build-up over the years to give your deck a hazy, weather-worn look. PowerLift Deck Stain & Finish Remover is specifically designed to get under and lift off the old finishes, sealers and dirt from your deck. PowerLift restores the natural beauty of your deck while giving you a clean, sound surface for refinishing.

A powerful lift-off is essential for a great finish
Many deck cleaners aren't strong enough to remove old, weathered finishes or stains, and strippers can be too harsh and hard to work with. Not to mention expensive. PowerLift is a strong solution that doesn't harm the wood, but it does the job.

How to apply PowerLift
Be sure to read all label instructions before using PowerLift. PowerLift is very easy-to-use. Start by covering areas you don't want to clean with a drop cloth or tarp, and wetting all surrounding plants and shrubs. Always wear eye and skin protection when working with PowerLift. Use as is, do not thin. Apply a uniform coat of PowerLift to the surface you'd like to clean, and be sure to keep the area wet with PowerLift for 10 to 15 minutes. (Some finishes may take longer to lift.) When the finish and dirt begin to lift from the wood, scrub with a stiff bristle brush (do not use a wire brush). After scrubbing, if stubborn areas remain, repeat the process in those areas. Allow the wood to dry thoroughly (2-3 warm dry, days minimum) before refinishing.

Cleaning up
Simply wash all tools in soap and water and rinse. Be sure to wash all drop cloths or tarps. The PowerLift container is completely recyclable, for safe, environmentally-friendly disposal.